Stitching Together
Sculptural art quilt in the collection of the McKissick Museum

Flower Pounding on Vintage Sleeping Gown

Threads, Gathering My Thoughts
Installation at Gallery 80808

My Blue Grass Roots
Art Quilt Lowell 2012

Handed Down, art quilt

Last Words, solo show at the Tapps Art Center

Hanging Cotton: Triangular Trade at the Textile Museum in DC

Last Words at Vision Gallery
Chandler, AZ 2011    
Solo Show by Susan Lenz

I Do/I Don't Installation 2011    
Installation by Susan Lenz

Wasted Words: Global Warnings
at the Textile Museum, 2011
Susan Lenz

Runaway Runway 2011
Recycled Bridal Party Fashions
by Susan Lenz

Handed Down
Best of Show in Palmetto Hands 2012
Susan Lenz

Stained Glass XXVII
Series available at
The Grovewood Gallery

Public art quilt project
"Looking For a Mate"
Sock art quilt, 2011


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General Artist Statement

Generally using needle and thread for self-expression, I work to articulate the accumulated memory inherent in discarded things. I seek a partnership with my materials, their purposes, values, and familiar associations. Memory, universal mortality, and personal legacy are central themes. Vintage and recycled materials are combined with meticulous handwork and self-guided, free-motion machine embroidery. I am drawn to textiles for their tactile qualities and often make work that is meant to touch and be touched.

I Am Not Invisible Statement

These truths are always with me: I am a female lacking an academic arts education in a male dominated world bent on high-brow approaches to art-making underscored with critical words written by trained professionals. I am a post-menopausal woman with years of experience and mountains of visual expressions waiting to take form. I work and will continue to work because I have something to say in spite of the many obstacles. I work with the faint hope that "something", perhaps just one little work of art, might be kept through coming generations, cherished ... admired ... remembered ... regarded for its quality ... something to mark my existence on this planet. I work because ...


More images of my work!


Last Words: Eternal Rest, solo show at the Georgia Agriculture Museum Gallery, 2016

PLAYA: A Month in Paradise, solo show at Anastasia & Friends, 2016

Susan's booth at the American Craft Council's Baltimore show, 2016

Flicker Feather I

Flicker Feather II

Lift and Tuck

Skirt! is a Rebel

The Virgin of Gone and Forgotten

Spool Quilt, front

Spool Quilt, reverse

Spiral I


Window CXXII

Threads: Gathering My Thoughts

Gallery Representation
 Grovewood Gallery
 Mouse House, Inc.

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