Ophelia Installation at the Tapps Center for the Arts
June 2011
Susan Lenz

Susan stitching
Susan Lenz



My name is Susan Lenz.  I am an American daughter of German immigrants.  I am a happy wife for just over thirty-seven years as I married my first and only love. I am a homeowner, a businesswoman, a custom picture framer, a taxpayer, a non-practicing Catholic, a member of a few non-profit organizations, a college graduate, a blogger, and share a 14 pound cat named Max with a neighbor!

Most personally, I am an ARTIST.

I probably always was an artist but I didn't know it.  In 2001 (at age 42) I admitted this hidden identity to myself and turned my world upside down.  This transformation required a complete change in lifestyle, income, and spiritual direction.  Yet, my professional background has served me well.  I quietly work longer hours and harder than anyone else I’ve ever known while still enjoying the process as well as the influence of others. 

I use needle and thread for self-expression.  I work within the scope of an overall theme toward a final, mixed media installation.  The work within the theme can stand on its own merits.  I am professional in most everything I do in order to avoid embarrassment.  I have a good sense of humor.  I love to travel.

A PERFECT One-Minute Introduction to Me!

Susan Lenz from 25 ARTISTS by Coal Powered Filmworks.

Hanging Cotton: Triangular Trade at the Textile Museum in DC
Susan Lenz

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